Find out how to harness the full potential of Nebula and manage ATP and USG20 VPN in the cloud.

Join us in our new coming live webinar to find out how to integrate stronger and better connection with our reinforced Nebula Together. See how to rev up your business' journey to the cloud and connect securely with the same security level of firewall policies.

What to expect from this webinar?
Nebula Together continues its transition to the Cloud

Join us for our webinar to find out how Nebula Together can bring you better, integrated and enhanced connectivity. Find out how to accelerate your transition to the cloud, connect while remaining protected, with the same level of security.

Why participate in this webinar?

Find out how to harness the full potential of Nebula, Strengthen the Zyxel Security matrix with ATP firewalls in Nebula, Find out how to integrate USG20 into Nebula.

Your Speaker: Daniel Marsh
Business Development Manager | Zyxel

Nigel Canning
UK Sales Engineer (South)

Nigel has worked in the IT Industry for a number of decades, ranging from Software development, Enterprise IT and Managed Services platform providers. At the heart of it all lies the “network” and helping our customers to leverage Zyxel’s broad range of networking solutions is key.

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