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How to configure an ATP firewall to protect your business from data breaches

Our next generation ATP firewall makes use of machine learning, a self-evolving threat database and a technique called sandboxing, which tests unknown programs in a safe and isolated cloud environment.

In this the second webinar – ATP, part 2 – we will discuss how to configure the ATP firewall for different network set-ups in order to make the most of the powerful anti-malware tools.

In two webinars – ATP, part 1 & 2 respectively – we describe how we have organized the defense against malware with multi-layered ATP solutions that identify and avert the threats. The first webinar covers new products and the difference compared to current versions. This, the second webinar focuses on how to configure firewalls for different network set-ups.

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Jukka Vesa

Sales Engineer


Jukka Vesa is the Sales Engineer for the Nordic region. Jukka has 13 years of experience as an networking engineer and has spent most of he's career in the hospitality sector.

Michel Nicolai

Senior Regional Sales Engineer

Northern and Middle East Region

Michel Nicolai, has been working for Zyxel since 2008. Responsible to support our sales team and Silver/Gold customers with project support, training, etc.

Ken Wilkensen

Sales Manager


Ken Willekens is the VAR Manager for Belgium and Luxembourg. Ken has 6 years of experience in selling networking solutions and has been tinkering with networks for over 15 years.


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